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"I feel like I can do almost anything football related," said Manning, who took most of the snaps during the workout. "I'm not going to take any time off. This is the second day, and I want to see how it's responding. There is no swelling, no discomfort, no issues. I'm able to go about my business."

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At most gyms, progressing from beginning gymnastics classes to intermediate requires the approval and recommendation of the coach or a supervising coach. If you're new to the gym, you may be asked to schedule a time to try out for intermediate classes. Some gyms offer both low and high intermediate courses, and may offer intermediate tumbling classes as well as gymnastics.

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This website contains ideas that are "in process." Simply put, what you read here may be just some random thoughts, rather than validated and final procedures. Mind you, aren't most ideas "in process?" The bulk of what you'll read here are answers to questions I am emailed or asked during presentations, or summaries of excellent ideas others share with me.

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